I have always been insecure of my smile and have always wanted to get straight teeth again. Yes, I used to have straight teeth but then I lost my retainers and so, my teeth have gone crooked again. Braces are too expensive for me currently; Hence, here’s my Candid Co teeth aligners review. I have chosen to go with Candid over Smile Direct Club or any other invisible aligner provider because of its marketing (Yes, they got me) and the fact that they only use trained orthodontists in their team. 

Before Picture - Candid Co Aligners Review
Before Picture - Candid Co Aligners Review at the Seattle Candid Co Office

Who Is Candid Co?

If you have not heard about Candid Co yet, now is your time to get wowed. Candid Co is an invisible aligner provider for those who wish to change the way they smile without the hassle of orthodontic appointments and without breaking the bank. 

Why I Chose Candid Co vs Smile Direct Club

I chose Candid Co vs Smile Direct Club for two reasons: First, Candid Co only uses trained orthodontists in their network. Second, Candid Co’s marketing is simply superb and they got me! I love the subtle and minimalistic branding that Candid Co has as compared to Smile Direct Club (which is purple – but not an issue at all). 

My Candid Co Aligners Review

Candid Co Seattle

After taking the simple quiz “Do I Qualify?” from the Candid Co website, you will have the option to buy an impression kit or visit your nearest Candid Co Studio. I went ahead with the latter and scheduled an appointment with Candid Co Seattle. They are open on Sundays too – which made the scheduling a breeze. 

The next day, I went in for a 4:30 appointment on January 26, 2020 with my boyfriend (who also had an appointment). They also give you free parking at Westlake Center (400 Pine St Seattle, WA 98101) even though parking was only $7. 

Candid Co Aligners Review - Seattle Offices

Basically, you check in with one of the staff just like any other clinic visit. However, this is much more casual and modern (which I absolutely love). Then, they ask you to fill out the terms of agreement and a little bit of information about you such as your health hisotry and the likes. After which, they would ask you to brush your teeth for the scan. They provided me a cool bamboo toothbrush and complimentary toothpaste and lip balm. They also offer you drinks in the studio such as Fiji water or sparkling. 

Once the scan is finished, they will walk you through the payment process and give you a little insight about Candid and what sets them apart from the rest of the invisible aligner providers in the market.

I decided to go home and think about it first before proceeding with treatment and they were more than happy to accommodate my other questions and concerns. The visit was free and I also received a complimentary whitening pen after the visit. 

Candid Co Seattle Visit Summary

Free Consultation

Free Scan

Free Whitening Pen

Free Toothbrush

After about a week of waiting, I have received my treatment plan via email. You can view the video above and see my treatment plan. I don’t have the bottom teeth because my video program decided not to cooperate. But still, I am so excited!

One of the treatment coordinators contacted me via phone because I have contacted support about paying using my HSA or health savings account through my employer and splitting the difference via financing with Affirm. Everything went through smoothly as expected. Below is a breakdown of my expenses.

After a day, I have received an email from Candid Co that my aligerns are in production. I am so excited!

On Valentine’s Day, I have received a love email letter from Candid Co saying that my aligners are being printed! I am so excited! 

So, for the most part, it takes about a week for the molding and creating of the invisible aligners. After which, the printing comes next. I am unsure what the process is all about in terms of the invisible aligner printing but it sure takes a while. 

I have received my Candid Co aligners and got super excited I wore them at once. Below, you will find my Candid Co review, the whole pre-treatment process, and the financing options available for you guys. Of course, I will also be unboxing the Candid Co aligners so please watch it and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel. 🙂

Candid Co Cost

☑️Total Amount of Treatment = $1900 – $150 (Discount) = $1750

✅HSA Covered = $1200
✅Affirm Covered = $550

☑️My monthly payment with Affirm = $91.67 for 6 months without interest

What Is Affirm?

Affirm is a new way to pay. Just like a credit card, but something better. They say, “…it’s a new way to say yes to the things that will make your life easier…” It’s basically a loan where you get to pay in installments of 6 months for no interest or 12/24 months with interest. Isn’t that making purchasing a little bit more affordable? I love Affirm.

What Is An HSA (Health Savings Account)?

An HSA is a health savings account that you get from your employer. It is non-taxable and is taken out of your gross income where the amount can vary between as low as $200 to as high as $3000 or maybe even more. 

Watch My Candid Co Aligners Review & Unboxing

The Verdict

Overall, my experience has been nonetheless up to par as what I expected. I was never forced to make a decision immediately by the staff nor was any severe marketing push-off was experienced. The staff was absolutely nice and amiable. I highly recommend going with Candid Co for your invisible aligner needs or wants. Stay tuned! 


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